Surreal World

It seems that the ongoing Pandemic is pushing humanity towards 'space-age' with a pace faster than they could do without it !  In the years to come,  we would be far more closer to technology than we used to be, but...

...with only one language to communicate: ENGLISH

Success is 99% PERSPIRATION - ---- Albert Einstein
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IELTS Counsellor has been providing English language training and guidance to students and expatriates to boost their career development efforts. Students can get our support in choosing a university that suits their learning needs. Expatriates can get our guidance in selecting the best destination to settle in life.


IELTS Counsellor is identified as a familiar educator since 1998 when it was founded as TOEFL Academy in the prestigious education-valley of India. When it comes to coaching for International English Proficiency Tests, our performance meets the global standards. Through us, more than 5,150 test takers have achieved their intended results. 

Sagacity, Curiosity and Necessity define our training approach

On-campus and Online Courses:

  • IELTS International English Language Testing System

  • TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language

  • PTE  Pearson's Test for English

  • OET Occupational English Test

  • SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test

  • The Edge English with Knowledge (for All Age Groups)

5,450 achievers and 6,500 Alumni

24 years of training experience

Online Library and Book-Bank

General and academic resources

Exceptionally discounted fees

Certified online examiners

Enroll from any location

Experienced teachers

Student scholarships

Academic writers forum

CBTs, OSPs, Smart-Ed + Zoom

Flexible course structure

Online corrections support

Global access to English experts

Franchising opportunities  

Ability to use higher score is far more important than just obtaining it

  1. International English Proficiency Tests : IELTS, PTE, OET, TOEFL, SAT, TEFL & CELTA.

  2. Communicative English and  Business Communication 

  3. Academic English for research scholars and students

  4. School Subjects : English, Math, Computers, & Science 

  5. School Homework Support to Kids (Standard 3 onward)

  6. Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics

  7. Art : Drawing, Shading, Coloring, Painting, Cartooning, Portrait making, and Abstract Art.

IELTS Counsellor has successfully completed its first batch of Online Family Classroom (OFC). It was of great value to our students and a precious experience for our teachers. 


In this program, a range of subjects can be chosen by learners, depending on the choice of all the family members participating in a virtual classroom.

Ranging from International English tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and OET to the English language improvement programs, this online course has everything that you need for your best career goals.

Online Family Classroom

     Cambridge Certified Examiners           Qualified Teachers            Subject Experts

Most  IELTS Counsellor teachers have 10 to 25 years of teaching experience

.... that's why  our value addition remains perennial

.... that's why our alumni remember us...

IELTS Counsellor's training is monitored by subject experts, experienced teachers and certified examiners.  With the inclusion of distance education in its portfolio, IELTS Counsellor has become a global English language school. It certainly, is different from any next-door English tutorial. This is proved by the higher success rates of our students.

.... and that's why learners are never tired of sharing their training needs.


Success = Your dedication + Our Guarantee

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Teaching Facilities (Projection 2020) :  India : New Delhi  |  Bangalore   |  Patna  |  Aligarh  |  Kolkata  |  ​Gulf & MEA:  Al-Khobar  |  Dammam   | Manama                  Norway:  Oslo  |   Canada :  Ontario  |  Toronto   |   Australia: Perth